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Fistula Treatment in Dombivali

What Is Fistula?

Piles Fistula Care is tract lined by unhealthy granulation, tissue connecting interior to exterior perinnal area. These tracks communicate. It has external opening at skin surface around the anus and internal opening inside the anal canal or high in the rectum. One of the opening may absent either external or internal.

Fistula Treatment in Dombivali Provide best option for you will depend on the position of your fistula and whether it's a single waterway or branches off in changed directions.Sometimes you may need to have an initial examination of the part below general anesthetic (where you're asleep) to help determine the Fistula Treatment in Dombivali.

Your surgeon will conversation to you about the options accessible and which one they feel is the most suitable for you. Surgery for an anal fistula is frequently carried out under common anesthetic. In many cases, it's not necessary to stay in hospital overnight afterwards by Fistula Treatment in Dombivali.

The aim of surgery is to heal the fistula while evading harm to the sphincter muscles, the ring of muscles that open and close the anus by Fistula Treatment in Dombivali Fistula Treatment in Dombivali originate from the anal glands, which are located between the internal and exterior anal sphincter and drain into the anal channel. If the outlet of these glands becomes blocked, an abscess can form which can ultimately extend to the skin superficial. The tract molded by this process is a Fistula Treatment in Dombivali.
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What Are The Symptoms Of Fistula?

  • Discharge : Purulent with blood persistent discharge from the opening of fistula collected in the tract.
  • Pain : Intermitant pain may present when one of the opening get closed
  • Itching / Irritation : Skin

What Are The Causes?

  • Boils , abscess around the anus diseases like TB , cancer, chronic disease I.BS , ulcerative colitis etc.

How It Is Diagnosed?

  • Probing (local inspection / palpation)
  • Fistulogram / Endo anal use
  • MRI scan
  • What Are The Causes?

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